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The mystery of meditation

Alright, meditation is not a mystery but sounds pretty mysterious! At least for those who never tried to meditate and only saw the zen-like pictures of meditating individuals. I purposely chose the blog picture to reflect the well-known fact.
There are so many articles out there that describe the benefits of meditation. I have recently posted a very interesting article on my Facebook page. Yes, worth reading too! ? Today with the technology, the doctors can really observe how new neuropathways are being created in the meditator’s brain, how this brain reacts to positive and negative emotions and much more.

Personally, I can truly say that meditation helps me to recharge my inner batteries. 15-20 minutes a day feels like an extra hour of sleep, or even more! But sometimes, it can be really hard and challenging to stick to the routine and carve out those 15-20 min a day to do the practice. My clients have the same concerns and issues – we can ask ourselves – why is it so difficult to carve out 15 minutes which gave us so many short and long term benefits?! That’s the question you can comment on below this post!

Anyways, s what is meditation? It’s a practice – practice for a reason, every time we do it, it feels slightly different, we are training our mind to slow down and focus. Focus on quieting our inner voices and thoughts down. Observing them like those beautiful fluffy clouds in the sky. Just watch them pass without judgement, without engagement, just observe them, acknowledge them and let them go. It’s so simple and yet so hard sometimes. And there are mantras. What are those? Words or sounds which we focus on to distract from our random thoughts creep to our heads.

There are so many types of meditations out there. So which one to choose? It’s up to each of us to choose the style which suits us the best, it’s good to experiment and find the one we enjoy the most. And don’t forget – we have our whole lives to continue to explore the practice! It’s called “practice” for a reason. And if you are worried you’re doing it wrong, don’t worry!

The fact you are practicing, it’s a first step and it’s the right one and right way. So keep up going! And whether you prefer silent meditation, guided meditation with music, sounds or words, it’s just right at the right time!

And what if you fall asleep?! Then be kind to yourself and take a nap!

That means that your body need the sleep. And when you are awake, you can continue your meditation practice. Namaste!

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