2 people riding bikes and holding hands

Let’s ride a bike together

What actually is coaching?

I have been trying to explain to my friends and family what I am so passionate about! And I realized, I am struggling to tell people what coaching actually is! How can I serve and how can I spread the happiness and love when I can’t articulate what I am able to give to the world?!

After a very pleasant discussion with my friends, one of them said “So that actually means that everyone can really use a coach because everyone has something to work on, improve at or reach towards, right?!”

And I said: “Right” with a smile on my face. And my friend said: “That’s cool!”

So what is it?! The simplest analogy is with a bike. You want to ride a bike. If you hired a therapist, she’d ask: What’s your relationship with a bike? What’s your past experience with the bike? If you hired a consultant, she would say: Let me ride the bike, I’ll write a manual and give it to you. If you hire me as your coach, I’d say: Sit on the bike and let’s go. I’ll be there with you, run next to you to make sure you’re OK and once you’re comfortable, I’ll let you ride it all by yourself.

This is coaching – coming from the perspective that all clients are naturally creative, resourceful and whole and smart enough to figure it out. They just need someone to talk to, be there with them, hold their space, be curious and interested, ask them the right questions and shed the light where there’s dark. Be the drone to look at the life/problem/task from the big picture and show them a different perspective they struggle to see on their own.

Do coaches have their own coaches? YES! Of course! Because coaches know that they too need different perspectives, support, encouragement, someone to listen to them, be the flashlight for them and gives them the strength to support others. Coaches know the power of coaching, impact and transformation.

When I first decided to hire a coach, I actually had no idea what that meant. My intuition kicked in, I knew I needed a coach and I was excited and scared at the same time. And I warned my husband that I didn’t know what’s gonna happen and what to expect, all I knew was I needed one to make my brain work again!

And it worked! It was quite a ride!!! it’s so true, the transformation can be scary because you never know what’s on the other side! But it’s exciting and life changing! And now as a coach, very fulfilling to see clients grow, get unstuck, have more tools which serve them forever…

What are you waiting for?! Get on the bike and come for the ride with me!

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