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Reinvent Yourself – 5 sessions 

We will explore 2 out of the 5 R’s (Recognize and Reinvent) and will get you realize the following:

  • How does your life look like? Look at your life as a whole – discover what serves you well and what you need to change. Gain clarity! Recognize what’s going on! Every journey starts with the first step!
  • What are your values? Challenge or discover your values. You may be surprised what we discover! It’s never as simple as a personality test in a magazine! 🙂
  • What’s holding you back from living the life you want? What do you believe in?
  • What are your strengths and challenges? Explore your inner strengths and what can move the needle in your life forward – Reinvent Yourself
  • Design your new life and take action steps towards it!

Kaleidoscope of Life – 12 sessions 

You will build on “Reinvent yourself” program where you Recognized what’s going on and Reinvented Yourself to some point. Then you will add the other 3R’s (Release, Restart and Reflect) that are necessary to your full transformation and gaining the new picture of life!

  • Learn to meditate or deepen your current mediation practice – Release the stress and find your inner power!
  • Everything is energy – learn how to manage your energy levels to be energized and happy!
  • Restart the new you! Learn and practice habits which keep your body going strong!
  • Discover the right productivity tips for your life – if you truly appreciate your time, you will focus on what’s truly important to you! Let’s work on that!
  • Master your mind. Know the tricks how to stay emotionally healthy.
  • Reflect on where you started and how far you’ve gotten, what’s working and what needs yet another Rotation! 

Interested in an online course?


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Kaleidoscope of Life Online – Transformation Online Program

Are you wondering what’s been happening with you lately and you’d like to BE THE HAPPY, ENERGETIC, and SELF again? Do you have everything you always wanted and yet you’re not happy and you don’t understand why? Are you wondering what your LIFE PURPOSE is because you’ve been in a good job for a few years but suddenly it’s not bringing you the same joy any more? Or LOST YOUR JOB because of the downturn? Or you’ve studied for years, now you’ve entered the workplace and you’re unsure if it’s the RIGHT FIT FOR YOU? Do you feel like it’s time to reconsider what you should be focused on? Then you’re at the right place!

Discover what you really want and what your life purpose is! GET YOUR INNER SPARKLE BACK! Are you at a life intersection and don’t know where to go? If your answer is YES to any of the questions above and below, then look no further and GET STARTED WITH YOUR TRANSFORMATION. There is nothing worse than a regret that you’ve been doing something for a few years and it hasn’t been the right thing. You may be 25 or 35 now and thinking, do I have time to make a change? You may be thinking that you’re “too old” or it’s “not the right time”? Let me assure you, time flies and you’ll only get older. You can make a decision and start your transformation now or you can dwell on your situation and do NOTHING! Guess what happens?! NOTHING! You’ll be in the same spot in few years! And what’s even worse? You may be in a worse spot! You could have enjoyed your life fully, be present with your kids, family and friends, you could be joyful and create your futurebut only if you made the decision today and took an action!  

YOU ARE MEANT TO READ THIS! Trust me, I was there a few years ago. I struggled and didn’t understand what was happening, so I was looking for help, I was meditating, I was digging deep, I was reading a ton of books and I DID THE WORK. And yes, IT WAS SCARY at times because I didn’t know what I would find out about myself and my life! And now I am bringing you the tools which helped me to be the happy, healthy, energized and productive self again! I am so excited to help you change your life!

So if you’re answering YES to any of the statements below and you are willing to do the work, my coaching course IS FOR YOU!

  1. You have everything you always wanted and yet you are still not happy (e.g. family, kids, well paid job, a nice house etc.)
    2. You’ve been always so strong and now you’re being more emotional than normal
    3. You’re feeling a bit overwhelmed with the demands being put on you these days
    4. You think that you don’t have any options but to keep doing what you’re doing to stay afloat (financially etc.)
    5. You don’t think you can do something else because you’ve spent too much time in your current career or you’ve studied for years just to find out that you actually don’t like it? Or do you find the corporate life confusing and need some help navigating it?
    6. You are feeling tired way too often
    7. You don’t think you could give your life a new direction – it’s too risky
    8. You wish you just could “reboot” your brain to make it function “properly” again
    9. You wish you could be strong and resilient so the outside pressures don’t get to you
    10. You’re juggling family and work life and feel like you can’t give 100% to anyone and it makes you stressed out because you’d love to be good at what you’re doing

In the 10 week-long online course you will:

  1. Uncover the blind spots of your current life
    2. Discover who you are today and what shaped you as a person
    3. Calm your body and mind so you can take care of your family and make better decisions
    4. Find out what’s holding you back from living the life you want
    5. Rediscover what you are really good at
    6. Learn tools to manage your energy levels so you are energized and productive
    7. Design your new life and take action steps towards it
    8. Learn and practice habits that will keep your body and mind going strong!
    9. Master your mindset so you can stay emotionally happy and healthy
    10. Reflect on your transformation journey and create new opportunities for yourself

And more!

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