Success Stories

I am very grateful I can make an impact on those who choose to work with me. Those who allow themselves to be open-hearted, vulnerable and brave to experiment with themselves in order to make a change, grow and live a
fulfilling life. Thank you for sharing your story and helping others to make the decision to start their own personal transformation.

Marketa is committed to the success of others. She’s a willing partner not only to her coaching clients but also to other coaches. She provides great counsel and exudes positive energy.

Laila K.

I got to know Marketa long time ago. We met through work where we both worked in HR, different disciplines. I always saw her as a super talented person with an amazing potential. I recently reconnected with Marketa and experienced her in her current endeavors, which again confirmed to me how talented she is. I am going through a big change concerning my professional life. I am only at the beginning of this process trying to figure out what direction to take. I am perfectly aware that this is my „battle“ to fight, that no one is going to make the decision for me. However, sharing this with Marketa, who asks the right questions, doing some of her exercises is already hugely helping me to manage my thoughts process. I love how I feel after each session with her – energized, motivated, driven. Marketa is a very personable, positive and empathetic person / professional. She has an open mind and strong passion for helping others to get better, feel better, live a better and more fulfilled life. She is constantly working on her self development in many areas and applies this to her day to day life and coaching and mentoring practice. Thanx so much for all your time and knowledge, for your friendship, you are my star.

Helena K.


I want to give a special thank you to Marketa for making an imprint on my heart that will never go away. She helped shift my entire world. Gosh who has the gift to not only hear you but show you a better way? Marketa Huzel, that’s who! If you are feeling overwhelmed and burdened by the desire to be a high achiever and need that balanced place where you can give yourself grace and still achieve more than you need to work with Marketa! Today, I do things differently. I’m loving my world more and it’s because of Marketa! Thank you so much again Marketa for seeing and identifying the shifts that I so desperately needed. I am forever grateful!

Jessica S.

Marketa’s positive energy is infections. I always leave our conversations feeling energized and excited for the future. She is extremely personable and warm-hearted, and I always thoroughly enjoy my time with her.

Jessica F.

In only two months, and a few sessions, I saw real changes in my life and outlook with the help of Marketa. She helped me realize what areas I was doubting myself and holding myself back, and what areas of my life to focus on and prioritize. In that time, I made changes to my budget, negotiated with my landlord, my employer, and even managed to stick to a fitness routine, that I’ve continued to stick to! I also managed to secure a new job during that
time. She helped me realize what is important to me and not compare myself to others. Thank you, Marketa!


I met Marketa through work. What started as a mentorship relationship quickly evolved into coaching sessions, where she helped bring clarity to the importance of balance and prioritizing my mental health. I learned how to manage huge volumes of communication, and to be mentally present and aware in my every day interactions. Marketa also helped me solidify my career plans, and taught me three key lessons that I continue to apply after our sessions have ended:

 1) Focus

 2) Never settle

 3) Take your breaks – there’s always time to reset.

Thank you, Marketa, for watching out for me, for supporting me, for coaching me. I can’t believe my 8 months has come to an end! Words can not express how thankful I am to have met you along the way.


Marketa is truly amazing, one of the greatest lessons I have taken away from my time with her is to ‘be present’! 

When I started my coaching journey, I wasn’t sure how having a coach would benefit me or if I needed one at all. The one thing I DID know, was that I was excited to try!

Marketa has a way of helping you see, think and become aware of situations in your life from different perspectives. She helps you to understand your options and recognize that you have a choice!!

 It didn’t take long before I constantly felt excited for our next call! Each new month she helps me (or gives me tools to help) center and become aware of my mind, feelings and goals.


Marketa Huzel is one of the most empowering and caring people I know. She has not only changed my life once, but MULTIPLE times over the years I have known her as a colleague and as a coach! She helped me change my path,
get in touch with my true self, as well as pursue my MBA! Words are not enough to describe how she can help you discover your inner self/peace!


Thank you for taking the time to share with us what  meditation is all about. You did a great job and you made me want to learn more!


Thanks for your calm voice and clear instructions, We were lucky to listen to you this week. Thanks for your time and energy. Special people
like you make the world a brighter place.


Although my coaching experience with Marketa was brief, and at the beginning of her journey, she made a great impact on me.  Through her curiosity and ability to speak
the truth, I was able to reconnect to a sport I had loved for nearly a decade.  I was in a stuck perspective and
Marketa was able to help me realize a new perspective (more truthful one) in a way that I could bust free from where I was. I am very thankful.


The powerful radiant inspiration that unleashes possibility and belief in others. Marketa creates a wonderfully warm and tender environment. It was very easy to speak with her and express myself in a way I had not done before.


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