My name is Markéta and outside of being a coach, I am a mom of two small awesome kids – Ruby and Monty, a wife to my nerdy husband Jake whose list of hobbies is endless and also a mom to a long-haired cat Lily.

I was born in the Czech Republic during the communist era and because I had some part of my family in the West Germany and could see how life can be different, I always wished I could live freely somewhere else. I always loved traveling and exploring new places. So when I got the opportunity, I spent several months in Spain, New Zealand, UK and now I live in Canada.

I’ve been always very interested in psychology and human behaviour. Since I was a little kid, I wanted to be a teacher, got a teaching degree, became a private teacher of languages but then realized, I needed to grow in a different direction. I wanted to work in a large international corporation to try something bigger and new, so I did and in the end I spent there16 years in human resources!

And since we evolve with life, now, I am bringing all my skills and knowledge to my full-time coaching practice and helping (mainly) women like you to find who they really are at this stage of life and what they need to live the life they desire. I turn your tears into a smile!

Life hasn’t been always easy. I achieved great results, I progressed in my career, I had my first child and returned back to work… And I was not the same person as before, I couldn’t figure out why!? What happened? Why am I not the same?! And I suffered… But I am not the one who settles with an OK life! So I started on a self-discovery journey and found the world of coaching, meditation and personal development in a whole new dimension!

And because I know there are so many human beings who need help at some point of their lives, I worked hard on myself and dove even deeper into coaching so I can serve you and those who need it.

As a seasoned corporate Human Resources professional, I bring well-rounded experience in many aspects of HR such as leadership, change management, consulting, employee development or recruiting to name a few to my one-on-one coaching and group programs.

As a certified Co-Active coach (CPCC), I combine my coaching skills, background in HR and passion for human psychology and behaviour to help you become the person and leader you want to be and build a career you’re proud of and excited about. 👧

I work with those who:

  • Desire to give their life a new meaning or direction
  • Want to be a better version of themselves every single day
  • Navigate through change in personal or professional life and are not afraid to ask for help

I walk my talk. I keep learning every day. I love seeing my clients bloom and getting their inner sparkle back. The new energy appears and they’re on their new, very exciting journey they’ve never dreamed of!


How I work

1:1 coaching -I follow my proven framework and explore areas of life that need attention. But as we know, everyone is unique and this allows me to customize the sessions to each of you and move forward faster and dig deeper!

Group coaching – For clients of my Kaleidoscope of Life online program – it’s a 10-week long group program with new weekly content accompanied by group coaching sessions.


What is Co-Active coaching approach?

It’s a unique way of communicating with the client. It involves the active and collaborative participation of both the coach and the client. The underlying believe is both powerful and adaptable.

Coaching is about discovery, awareness and choice. It is a way of empowering you to find your own answers, encouraging and supporting you on your path as you’re making important life-changing choices!

The starting point and believe is that people are naturally creative, resourceful and whole – capable of finding answers, taking actions, recovering from less successful events and experiences and learning from them.

But don’t worry. I also add lots of tools for you to work with so you are always supported on your journey!


How do you know I am qualified? Why should you choose a Co-Active coach?

The Coaches Training Institute (CTI) was founded in 1992 and it’s the largest in person coach training organization in the world. A CTI certified coach has undergone a very rigorous 12-18 months intensive training under the supervision of various very experienced coach leaders so you are getting a high-quality coach!

And besides, I care! I seriously care about your experience with me, your progress and opening your eyes to new possibilities. If we’re not a good fit or our sessions are not working, we will depart ways. It’s not serving you to be “stuck” with the wrong coach.

Next Steps…

Say YES to yourself just like I did! Contact me so you can start your new journey today!

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