Woman hiding under a blanket with fear in her eyes

The damn FEAR!

Who isn’t fearful sometimes?! Or all the times?! What’s in our way when we really want something and the gremlin in the head keeps telling us – you’re not good enough, you can’t do it, that’s too much, no one’s gonna like it etc. It’s fear. Who’d have though it can be a good thing?! Am I not making sense?! Look at this: Fear in it’s core is a good thing. It protects us from danger. That’s its primary function! So if we had no fear, it’s actually life threatening! Now – when the fear gets overpowering, it’s holding us back. It keeps us away from progressing, expanding, learning, growing, etc. What a shame?! So what shall we do?

1. First – Switch the perspective from the bad fear to the good fear. Take the “what’s good about it” perspective and find the kernel of the truth for the fear. Ask yourself – What shall I learn about the situation?

2. Then – What am I not doing/achieving/missing etc. when I am fearful?

3. Act – Get exited!!! Do it! Dive in! Try! You need to expand your comfort zone. You know that the fear is there to protect you, you know that if you do nothing, you’re not gonna move forward, you’ll be stuck with no results, no progress, no satisfaction, no income, no better tomorrow etc.

So what’s better?!

Fear and do nothing or switch to a calculated risk and be courageous and move forward? But how? You can do it alone. It may be painful (are you thinking fearful?!), it can take forever, you can get your family or friends to help you or you can have a coach who helps you on your journey. No judgement, no fear. And don’t’ forget – nobody is perfect! Neither am I!

And some fears we LOVE to carry around for a long time. Even for years! And we’re not ready or willing to get rid of them. I call them big fears (or phobias) – those need psychological treatment. But hose small fears – day to day pushes, getting over the hump, achieving the next milestone etc. those are the ones which overtime wear us out so there is no other way than dealing with them as they come. Not dealing with them means getting into a hole full of fear – just imagine!

Who’d like to be in that?! But yes, you are right, still a lot of people subconsciously like going or staying there. Not fun. Now – ask yourself – Are there any areas of your life when YOU are also choosing to stay with the fear rather than taming it?!

“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” George Bernard Shaw

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