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Resistance to change and building bridges

Let’s talk about change. You know the cliché: Change is the only constant in life. I 100% agree with it. We can look at it as a good thing or as a challenge, which one will you pick?

Life’s not always an easy ride. We all are here on this planet to learn our lessons. Whether we want it or not, nothing really stays the same. Whether it’s professionally or personally. Even we are constantly changing! We are getting new inputs, new experiences, new opinions and it all shapes our life. We constantly have to make decisions. Some are easy, some are more difficult, some are even scary! So what to think about those scarier ones?

Ask yourself – what are you afraid of? What’s holding you back? What’s the scariest thing that can happen? Think about decisions and life changes like bridges. When you step on a bridge, sometimes, you don’t know what exactly is on the other side! You may feel it’s something more exciting, more challenging, less comfortable and more like what you want. But there’s a glitch – you are scared to cross the bridge! And that’s OK! Are you scared of the unknown?! We all are but as you may know, success happens outside of the comfort zone. So we have to be courageous and brave to cross the bridge. And the more you practice the courage, the easier it will get over time. It’s a muscle. And I am not saying – to take huge risks, it’s about calculated risks and the ability to deal with the consequences.

It’s very natural to be scared of the unknown! But we must be OK with making the first step without knowing what’s further in there. If you think about taking one step at a time, it’s not that scary! And, if every change is taken as a challenge and a bridge a step to something better, new, different and challenging with the possibility of being taken to a whole new world you had no idea about?! Then it gets really exciting!

I love to ask my clients “what if” questions. Those provide us with a safe space to dream and yet be real, take different perspectives and explore the impossible!

I also love to challenge my clients to explore something new. That gives them the opportunity to discover something else about themselves and step on a bridge they didn’t even know about! It’s so interesting – we live in our bodies all our lives, and yet there’s so much to explore about who we really are.

So now – are you ready to start your own exploration?! Are you ready to step on a bridge to something new even if you don’t know where it takes you?!

I’m excited to be on the journey with you!

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