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How to choose the right coach for you

Are you finally in for a coach and have no idea how to choose one? Should you go with the person your friend had a good experience with or shall you shop around like with anything else? Shall you read coach’s reviews and rely on them or what shall you do? Well, here’s a piece of a guidance and a few questions you should ask yourself…

1. What are you expecting from a coaching relationship? What do you want to achieve while working with a coach? Do not expect that your goal or issue will be resolved during the sample session which is usually no longer than 30 minutes. There is a reason why the relationship is at least 3-6 months! You as a client need to do the work, the exploring, the digging deep!

2. How do you know the coach you just had a sample session with is the right person for you? Check if you feel comfortable talking to this coach, if the coach sparkled any ideas or emotions in you which you’d like to explore further. Would you trust this person? Yes, you have to lean in and be comfortable to be vulnerable, open and honest! The coach is there for you to be part of your journey! It’s a mutual relationship!

3. What if you choose a coach and it doesn’t feel right? Then you have options:

a. As part of your relationship, you can talk about what’s working and not working and re-design your relationship and see if that helps. Or

b. You can decide to part ways and off you go to look for someone else…

So, be brave and trust your instincts! It’s better to make a decision and give it a try so you can start moving forward towards your goal!

Remember: Your future depends on what you do today! Good luck!

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