Find your inner spark that will make you glow from the inside out

Twinkle, twinkle little star how I wonder what you are, up above the world so high, like a diamond in the sky… Sounds familiar? Too childish? Maybe there IS a connection we all need…

Do you ever wonder what your life purpose is? Do you know what your vision is? What do you want to give to your loved ones, your family, friends or to the world in general (outside of the obvious)? I was wondering too and it was very unsettling not to know what was missing n my life. How can I possibly be unhappy and drained when I have all I have ever dreamt of? As mentioned in my previous post, it took me a while to do the inner work of exploring all the possible reasons of my inner mess. Why am I not perfect? Why do I have to struggle so much? Why am I feeling so drained? Why do I seem to feel so lonely? Why is everything falling at me? Why are all my emotions out of balance? Why do I cry with no reason? Where is the strong person everyone perceived me to be? And the scariest one – why is my brain not functioning?! What the hell happened?! Why can’t I remember things and why is everything so damn difficult? Why???!!!!

Sometimes our priorities change. Right, as simple as that. But what shall we do?! What’s next? I learned that we need to have life purpose. Since we start school as kids, we always have school to do, exams to pass, sport matches to win, jobs to apply for, cars to buy, somewhere to live and bills to pay. There is always the next “big” thing. And sometimes, we were so focused on what we wanted to achieve and have been marching towards for so many years that we haven’t noticed we haven’t been continuously building new goals and dreams. Imagine a blooming flower, let’s say a rose because I LOVE roses. If you are a rose which just focuses on blooming and produces that one beautiful blossom, what happens? The rose sheds the petals and that’s the end. Sad, right? The beauty is gone… BUT if you imagine yourself as a rose bush who may have one main stem but lots of other side stems, what happens when the main flower is done blooming? Sheds the petals, dies but in the mean time the side ones have started to bloom and the beautiful smell and joy continues. And by pruning and nurturing the bush the beauty is endless, every time a bit different but still beautiful and full of flowers.

So who am I? – The twinkling star which is in the sky,
Who ignites the sparkle in your eye.
Be the rose bush, not just the single blossom,
You deserve to be happy and always awesome!!!

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