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How Much Do You Judge Yourself?!

How much are you judging yourself?

Well, let’s be honest, judgement is one of big topics! Earlier in my blog we were talking about feelings and emotions. Now, let’s talk about judgement and how it impacts our feeling and emotions.

We all judge. Regardless of whether we want or not, we judge others, we judge ourselves. And if you want to prove me wrong… just answer this question honestly: What do you think about Michael Jackson? Donald Trump? Or the lady in the post picture? You will have your opinion, you will have your judgement! And, the judgement will be different for each individual! And it really doesn’t matter whether these personas are loved or hated by the majority of our society. So it’s natural that we judge.

What’s the effect of your judgement on your state of mind and your actions?

Now, the other thing is, we judge ourselves. And that could have a destructive effect on us – impacting our thoughts and emotions. And let’s be honest. I am a human being, I am not perfect and I judge myself! But… let’s not get stuck in the judgement loop, Why? Because it’s easy to do so! But is it helpful?! Not really! So instead of self judgement, look at who you are being. How is it serving you  your actions, behaviours, …? Is it effective? Is it productive? And if not, move your attention. Be curious, be creative and see what other options you have! How can you get out of the funk?! What do you need to change? What help do you need If any? What’s your goal? Do you need clarity first before you start an action? Do you know what direction you’re actually heading?

Anyways… now you can judge my post! 😊 Or you can take what’s serving you well and leave the information you don’t need behind!

I still believe that this is a useful information and you can work with it very well! You are now becoming aware of your (self)-judgement and you can work with yourself on it!

And if you have any questions or you’re just simply ready to finally take an action and transform your life, book your complimentary session! To your success! M.

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