A “Happier Life Challenge” For You!

This post is coming up on November 11 – Remembrance Day. You know what it means. But for me, this day is also linked to a different tradition that I started for my kids on this day… and it’s a Lantern walk.

It’s not related to the Remembrance Day but it’s linked to a tradition that I loved as a kid – we made our own lantern and joined the parade with my friends and their parents and walked through the streets of my hometown. As a kid, I enjoyed the lanterns, the lights and the atmosphere. As a kid, I never paid attention why these parades were happening… I just took it as fun and something to look forward to in the dark nights of the colder season of the year. I just learned recently about this tradition. You can read more here. So I wanted to create the same or similar tradition for my kids and started these walks in my community here in Calgary on November 11. And it has been fun!

Why am I telling you that? Because something came to my mind the other day… in the midst of turbulent times, financial craziness and lots of fear, it’s important to stay focused on your goal and your own journey.

You too have a choice. You can get dragged into fear or you can choose happiness. Because happiness comes from inside, not from the outside. You have the power of creating the inner peace. And from a spiritual perspective, inner peace and overall well-being is the highest state you can achieve. So how do you do that?! Well, outside of choosing to work with me and learning the specific tools you need to achieve your won goals and re-program your subconscious mind, you can start your own “Happier life challenge”.

Can you make these 5 things a part who you are? Research has shown that this impact your happiness! And only you can confirm that it’s true for you:

  1. Connect with others
  2. Show up for them, do something for them
  3. Focus on the power of gratitude
  4. Nurture your sleep
  5. Practice (habits!!!) mindfulness and meditation

To your success! And let me know how it’s working for you!

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