How to manage your energy so you can do it all!

It’s a very hectic time of the year. The holidays are coming up and we’re trying to close on the year end as well as prepare the festivities depending on our cultural backgrounds. Yes, in my family, we celebrate Christmas and it’s a big deal, especially for the kids! It’s always a busy time because I am sticking to my Czech Christmas traditions that involve the tree, the presents and a whole suite of traditional cookies that are not only delicious but also a very labour and time intensive. Everybody loves them so there is no Christmas without the cookies! One day, I may show you the picture. 😊

But what makes me to tell you this is because one of the things I am teaching is how to manage your energy. You are a busy person with lots of responsibilities and you know you need to manage your energy well so you don’t get depleted. Just like a battery, you need a recharge. But like your cellphone, you can operate on a power saver mode and preserve some energy for later if you know the day is very intense. How do you do that?! You need to learn how to manage your transitions well!

What does it mean to manage transitions?!

You go from a meeting to meeting, you share space, time and energy with others. They either give or take your energy. The activities you are doing also are taking some energy from you… so what you can do is to plan for a small “recharge” in between these meetings or activities you do during your day.

At first, you need to be aware of what’s giving you energy and where you’re “leaking” your energy. Then, create some time in your calendar to have your recharge time. That consists from a short destressing/disconnecting from your previous activity and creating the intention for the next activity.

How can you disconnect?

Take a few deep breaths. Close your eyes. Feel your heartbeat. Get a few minutes of silence. Anything would help. Just to get a break. When you’re starting with this practice, you may need a few minutes. But once you get more efficient, you’ll just need a few seconds! Trust me, it really works in the long term! It helps you to close on the previous activity and recharge a little bit. You’ll get a little bit of your personal battery boost.

Once you are done with this one, set your intention for the next activity. How do you want to show up? Who do you want to be? What do you want to accomplish and get out of it?

What if I don’t have time for this?!

A good question! Yes, I know you’re busy! If this is too much, set some time to manage big transitions! Let’s say, you’re dropping kids off at school or daycare, then plan your “mini transition” before that and before you start your work day. Then, you do the same after you’re done work, before you pick them up. And then last one, before you go to bed.

You can also plan a larger transition when you’re done with your work day before you come home. Maybe a 20 min meditation would feel like a fabulous retreat in the middle of the day. It’ll help you to get your work-related activities behind and be very mindful and present when you get home. This really works well. When you get used to this, you’ll suddenly realize, how much your energy increases! You’ll be in a much better spot!

If you have any questions on this, let me know! Just simply email me at [email protected]

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