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Why Are Curiosity And Creativity Important In Life?

Why Are Curiosity And Creativity Important In Life?

Because they help you to be resourceful. To look at things from different perspective, discover new things and have a more abundant life overall.


Being creative can help you see challenges in a new light and develop resourceful solutions to problems. Creative thinking can also help solve complex or abstract problems and provide you with multiple ways of looking at a problem. Research suggests that people who are more creative tend to be better leaders because they think outside the box and are able to find innovative ways to approach problems.

Research conducted by Dr. Amy Edmondson, associate professor of psychology at the University of California, Riverside, found that being creative helps us think differently about issues we encounter during our day-to-day lives. In her study, she asked participants to complete a task where they had to determine whether each item on a list matched one of four categories — animals, musical instruments, foods, or clothing items. She told half of the group that they could use whatever strategy they wanted to make the decision, while the other half was instructed to follow a specific rule. Participants who used a creative strategy performed better on the test than those who used a logical strategy. This finding supports previous research suggesting that creative thinking helps us solve complex problems.

The benefits of creativity go beyond solving everyday problems. Creativity can also help employees overcome obstacles and identify new opportunities. For example, studies suggest that creative individuals are more likely to come up with unique solutions to problems, such as identifying new markets for products and developing marketing strategies.


Why Curiosity Is Important and How to Develop It

Curiosity is one of those traits that make us human beings different from animals. We are born curious because we want to know things, and we want to learn about everything around us. We are fascinated by our surroundings, and we love exploring new places and meeting people. Curiosity helps us discover new ideas, solve problems, and improve ourselves. In fact, it is something that makes us unique among other species. Although you may argue with me as the saying goes: Curiosity killed the cat. 🙂

But what exactly does curiosity mean? What do we actually experience when we feel curious? And how can we develop it? Let’s take a look at some reasons why curiosity is so important, and how we can use it to become better people.

It makes your mind active instead of passive

You might think that you know everything about something because you’ve studied it extensively. But research suggests that the opposite is true. Your knowledge base actually shrinks over time. This happens because you’re constantly absorbing information, but you don’t retain it very well. So what’s happening inside your head while you study? You’re exercising your brain muscles. As a result, you become better able to learn things later on. And what to do to retain the information? You have to apply it. So in this world of information overload, if you need to succeed, you need to apply the things you learned.

It makes your mind observant of new ideas

In his book “The Power of Curiosity,” author John Medina explains that our brains are designed to look for patterns, and we do this naturally. We see things like shapes, colors, numbers, words, letters, people, animals, etc., and we make connections based on what we know. This is called pattern recognition. But there are times when we don’t notice patterns around us, and we end up missing some important information.

This is why curiosity is such a powerful tool. If you’re interested in learning something new, you’ll pay attention to everything around you, including objects, events, places, people, and conversations. Your brain wants to connect the dots, and it does this automatically. This is how you learn and absorb new knowledge.

It opens up new worlds and possibilities

Curious minds are the ones that open up new worlds and possibilities. Curious people are the ones that are willing to explore new things, learn about new topics, and try out new ideas. Curiosity drives us to do many different things. From learning how to play a musical instrument to trying something completely new such as playing squash or tennis. We want to know what we don’t already know. We want to find out new things. And that curiosity drives us to go beyond our comfort zone.

In my experience, most people are very comfortable with their current situation and their routine. This makes it hard for them to step outside of their comfort zones. (It is also our human brain’s basic setting looking for familiarity and safety.) But if you’re interested in expanding your horizons, you’ll have to push yourself to take some risks. You might feel uncomfortable at times because you’re stepping out of your comfort zone. However, as you also know from your own experience, discomfort is temporary. Once you start doing something new, you’ll begin to enjoy it more and more. So keep pushing forward.


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