Get started - 5 sessions - $999

    • How does your life look like? Look at your life as a whole - discover what serves you well and what you need to change. Gain clarity! Every journey starts with the first step!
    • What are your values? Challenge or discover your values. You may be surprised what we discover! It's never as simple as a personality test in a magazine! 🙂
    • What's holding you back from living the life you want? What do you believe in?
    • What are your strengths and challenges? Explore your inner strengths and what can move the needle in your life forward
    • Design your new life and take action steps towards it!


Kaleidoscope of Life - 12 sessions - $1799

    • "Get started" program ($999)
    • Learn to meditate or deepen your current mediation practice - find your inner power! ($199 value on its own!)
    • Everything is energy – learn how to manage your energy levels to be energized and happy!
    • Learn and practice habits which keep your body going strong!
    • Discover the right productivity tips for your life – if you truly appreciate your time, you will focus on what’s truly important to you! Let’s work on that!
    • Master your mind. Know the tricks how to stay emotionally healthy.


Quick tune up - 45 min session - $150

    • Designed for returning clients who just need some tune up so they stay on course!


Meditation taster - $199

  • Uncover the mystery of meditation
  • Experience the moments of calmer mind