Who am I?

My name is Markéta and outside of being a coach,  I am a mom of two small awesome kids – Ruby and Monty, a wife to my nerdy husband Jake whose list of hobbies is endless and also a mom to two long-haired cats Lily and Coco (yes, those hairs sure can drive me nuts!).

I was born in the Czech Republic during the communist era and because I had some part of my family in the West Germany and could see how life can be different, I always wished I could live freely somewhere else. I always loved traveling and exploring new places. So when I got the opportunity, I spent several months in Spain, New Zealand, UK and now I live in Canada.

I’ve been always very interested in psychology and human behaviour. Since I was a little kid, I wanted to be a teacher, got a teaching degree, became a private teacher of languages but then realized, I needed to grow in a different direction. I wanted to work in a large corporation to try something new, so I did! I got a job in an international corporation, started in customer service department and then made a career move to human resources. Hard to believe, I’ve spent there the last 16 years! And now, I am a full time coach and helping women like you to find who they really are and live the life they desire.

Life hasn’t been always easy. I achieved great results, I progressed in my career, I had my first child and returned back to work... And I was not the same person as before, I couldn’t figure out why!? What happened? Why am I not the same?! And I suffered... But I am not the one who settles with an OK life! So I started on a self-discovery journey and found the world of coaching, meditation and personal development in a whole new dimension!

And because I know there are so many women like you and I who need help at some point of their lives, I worked hard on myself and dove even deeper into coaching so I can serve you and those who need it.

I am a certified professional Co-Active coach (CPCC) and keep learning every day. I love seeing my clients bloom and getting their inner sparkle back. The new energy appears and they’re on their new, very exciting journey they’ve never dreamed of!

Next Steps...

Say YES to yourself just like I did! Contact me so you can start your new journey today!