Sharing is caring aka Practice Aloha daily

I just spent 2 weeks in Hawaii with my husband and my daughter. We had a fabulous time! And you’re asking – you better, you were in Hawaii! Yes, true, apart of the obvious things I love about this place – weather, water, beach, greenery, fresh food … I love the expressions from the native […]

How to choose the right coach for you

Are you finally in for a coach and have no idea how to choose one? Should you go with the person your friend had a good experience with or shall you shop around like with anything else? Shall you read coach’s reviews and rely on them or what shall you do? Well, here’s a piece […]

Resistance to change and building bridges

Photo credits Unsplash

Life’s not always an easy ride. Whether we want or not, nothing really stays the same. Whether it’s at work or at home. Even ourselves are constantly changing! Not talking about aging! We are getting new inputs, new experiences, new opinions and it all shapes our life. We constantly have to make decisions. Some are […]