Coaching - Who could you be if you had a coach?!

What is coaching?

It's a methodology which helps us facilitate a purposeful change. I'd ask you questions which will help you to reach your full potential and achieving your goals. You will find the gem inside you, you had no idea you have possessed! It is important that you are a good match with your coach. There has to be a mutual trust, confidence and cooperation.

Are we a good match?!

  1. Do you feel like something is "wrong" with you - aka you're not happy or you are not your "old self" and can't figure out why?
  2. Do you feel like you're running on empty and can't get the energy you need?
  3. Do you feel overwhelmed with all your roles (mom, employee, wife, etc.)?
  4. Are you successful but not happy and don't know why?

If you answered YES to at least one question, then don't wait any longer and connect with me! We can get you back on track! Still reading?! Click the Connect with me button below! Now! Your personal transformation is only one click away! Talk to you soon! 🙂

What is Co-Active coaching approach?

It's a unique way of communicating with the client. It involves the active and collaborative participation of both the coach and the client. The underlying believe is both powerful and adaptable.

Coaching is about discovery, awareness and choice. It is a way of empowering the clients to find their own answers, encouraging and supporting them on their path as they're making important life-changing choices!

The starting point and believe is that people are naturally creative, resourceful and whole – capable of finding answers, taking actions, recovering from less successful events and experiences and learning from them.

Why should I choose a Co-Active coach?

The Coaches Training Institute (CTI) was founded in 1992 and it's the largest in person coach training organization in the world. A CTI certified coach has undergone a very rigorous 12-18 months intensive training under the supervision of various very experienced coach leaders so you are getting a high-quality coach!

Meditation - How would you feel if you calmed your racing mind?

What is mediation?

You can find a lot of definitions of meditation and you can choose different style of meditations. For me it's awareness, it's slowing your mind down, it's bringing yourself to inner peace. It's a practice and it feels different every time you meditate.


What are the benefits of meditation?

It's medically proven that meditation practice (on regular basis even if it's 5 minutes a day) can change your brain! How amazing is that?! Just a few examples of the positive influence:

  • Increased immune function
  • Decreased stress, anxiety and depression
  • Increased emotional intelligence
  • Increased productivity


How shall I start to meditate?

Call Marketa and ask for the "Meditation Taster" package!

Inspirational public speaking and mentoring

Everyone has a story. Some stories are very powerful and can inspire others to change their life, move boundaries, coming out of one's shell or just simply feel better by not being alone and being understood.

I too have a story about how being different is a good thing, how finding home is such a long journey, how living in alignment with personal values is incredibly important, how reinventing yourself at all times is super important in today's world and much more!